How do I review personalized activities?

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Buzz promotes various types of personalized activities to help you develop individual learning paths for your students.

There are four kinds of personalized activities in Buzz:

You can access personalized activities by:

  • Selecting them from your To-do List once they’ve been submitted.


  • Selecting Performance/Gradebook from the Main Menu, choosing the desired course, and clicking the student’s name from the Gradebook to access that student’s individual For Me report. You can also click For Me from the Performance tool to access the class-wide For Me report. In this report, personalized activities are represented by clickable numbers that align with date of assignment (column) and student (row).


  • For your students, all personalized activities appear in For Me; those with due dates appear on their To-do List when they are within seven days (default) of their due date.
  • You can add two For Me columns to the Gradebook by opening the Options dropdown menu and clicking Show For Me; clicking cells in those columns will provide more details about the corresponding student's personalized activities.

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