How do I enable and manage student choice activities?

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Student choice activities provide powerful personalized-learning experiences.

Enable and configure student choice activities

Student choice activities enable your students to review approved activities and choose to complete the ones that best align with their interests and goals.

  1. Open the Editor.
  2. Select the folder for which you want to enable student choice activities and click the pencil (edit) icon.
  3. In the Settings tab > Folder settings card, check the box labeled Enable student choice for this folder.
  4. In the field that appears, enter the Number of required choice activities that you want your students to select.
  5. If you want your students to be able to complete more than the required number of activities, check the Allow extra choices box.
  6. If you want to give students the ability to choose from activities beyond what you add to this Choice Activities folder, check:
    • Allow choices from any folder to permit students to choose activities from any Choice Activities folder in the course. This way, you can create a bank of choice activities from which students can select at different points throughout the course.
    • Allow choices from Digital Library to permit them to choose activities from the available digital libraries.
  7. Save. A folder titled Choice Activities now appears at the bottom of the selected folder.
Enable and configure student choice activities

Create student choice activities

Once you've enabled student choice activities, you can start creating student choice activities:

  1. Select the Choice Activities folder that appears at the bottom of the folder.
  2. Click the Add to ..., choose your activity type, and start building.
Create student choice activities
  1. To see how choice activities appear to your students, select the course and folder in the Activities tool. Students simply click Choose an Activity and select from the available activities.

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  • If you provide gradable options in the student choice activities, you can grade them through your To-do List or each student’s Performance page.

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Serena Cofer

Instead of using the Table of Contents, I have my students click on links from the Landing Pages to take them to the different folders and activities. 

I noticed that when I create a Choice Folder and select the Setting "Hide from Table of Contents", it doesn't appear in the Course links available so I can't link to it like I do with my other folders.  Yet when I allow it to be in the Table of Contents, it will appear there.

Is there a way to have it linkable like the other folders?

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Roger Kaples


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Roger Kaples

i need your help


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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Roger!

Is there anything specifically with how your online learning environment is behaving that you need assistance with? If this is pertaining to coursework within a class please reach out your instructor for assistance. 

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