How do I send messages with Buzz?

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Buzz provides multiple ways to email individuals, select groups, an entire class, or students across all courses.

Email with the People and Communication tools

To send email using the People or Communication tool:

  1. Open the tool from the Main Menu.
  2. Click Send Mail in the toolbar.  
  1. Click the To field to see a dropdown of potential recipients. You can only message members of the course you have selected.
  2. Click the dropdown below the To field to choose to:
    • Send to recipients
    • Send to recipients and observers
    • Send to observers only, which will send the email to only the observers of the chosen recipients.
  3. Indicate whether you want a copy sent to yourself.
  4. Compose your message and Send.

In the People tool, you can select recipients using student checkboxes, so when you click Send Mail, those students are already in the To field. Follow the same steps outlined above.

Email with the Clipboard

To email using the Clipboard:

  1. Open the Clipboard from the toolbar (or Main Menu).
  2. Select the Messages tab.
  3. Add the intended student(s), Quick Lists, and/or Groups using the panel on the left (How do I add students to the Clipboard?). Select a course to limit recipient options to that course.
  4. The Send to dropdown allows you to choose Recipients (the selected students), Recipients and observers, or Observers only ("observers" means observers observers of the selected students).  
  5. Indicate whether you want a copy sent to yourself.
  6. Compose the message in the Send Mail panel on the right and click Send.

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  • You and your students must have valid external email addresses linked to your Buzz account to send messages; you can verify your email in the User Menu. Contact your domain admin if you need help with this.
  • The Clipboard is the only place that allows you to message students across multiple courses.
  • Using Quick Lists can save you time while still enabling you to provide the personalized attention your students need.
  • Email signatures for messages sent from Buzz automatically read "Sent from Buzz..."

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