Buzz authoring: Unsupported HTML tags

Ryan Richins
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Buzz authoring does not support the following HTML tags:


Using these HTML tags could compromise the security, design, and mobile-friendliness of Buzz.

To use these tags in an activity without disrupting Buzz, create the content outside of Buzz as an HTML file and upload them as a Custom Activity (if gradable) or a File or Website activity (if not gradable).

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Varshini G


The new Buzz editor(Beta tool) does not have File or Website activity. I have HTML5 files for audio embedded content. When I put this as a Custom Activity, the file keeps loading on the first page. What is the best option to upload such HTML files as?

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Juanita, the Custom Activity is the right type of activity you should be using. Does it behave this way if you attempt to open the html file in a browser? 

Varshini G

Yes Brad, The file works fine when uploaded through Brainhoney Syllabus module. But when using Buzz Editor tool, the file refuses to open and freezes on the first page. Any suggestions?

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

I am not sure what school you are with, but I would recommend working with your support team so they can create a ticket with us. Make sure to share with them where the file is so we can investigate it.

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