How do I create announcements?

  • Updated:

Use the Communication tool to create announcements for individual courses or groups of courses.

To create announcements:

  1. Open Communication from the Main Menu.
  2. Click New Announcement in the toolbar.
  1. The To: field is automatically populated with the current course(s). Open the To: field to see a dropdown of potential recipients and click the box next to desired recipients.
  2. Specify your announcement's start and end dates; the announcement will disappear from the Announcements list on Home once the end date is reached unless you check the Display indefinitely box.
  3. Compose your Subject and message.
  4. Post.

Students receive a notification in the Communications icon in their toolbar and on their Home page next to Announcements.

They can open click on either to review them in their Communications screen, or open Communications from their Main menu.


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