How do I add students to the Clipboard?

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There are two ways to add students to the Clipboard.

Add students inside the Clipboard

To add students while inside the Clipboard, do any of the following:

  1. Select a Course in the dropdown (and don't add other students below) to include the entire class in you Clipboard action.
  2. Type the student, group, or list name(s) into the Add student, quick list, or group field and select the desired recipient(s) from the autofill dropdown.
  3. Expand Quick lists and click the those you want to add.
  4. Expand Groups and click those you want to add.
Add students inside the Clipboard

Add students to the Clipboard from other tools

There are multiple places in the Performance/Gradebook and People tools in which checkboxes appear next to student names. You can add students to the Clipboard on these screens by simply checking the boxes next to the students you want to add and clicking the plus sign next to the Clipboard in the toolbar. The number above the Clipboard icon indicates how many students have been added.

Add students to the Clipboard from other tools

When using a screen that displays information for only one student (e.g., the Activity Grader shown here), you can add that student to the Clipboard by clicking the plus sign in the toolbar.  

Adding students to the Clipboard as you grade or complete tasks in other tools allows you to keep a list of students who need additional attention without disrupting your current flow.


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