How do I enter grades?

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Open the Gradebook tool using the Main Menu and make sure you’re on the Grades screen.

There are multiple ways to enter grades on this page; you can:

  1. Click an activity column header to open the Activity Grader, which allows you to enter scores and feedback for every student assigned that activity.
  2. Click an activity cell for a specific student and enter that student’s score and feedback for that activity.
  3. Click Enable Quick Edit to make the entire table editable, and enter scores directly into the cells; if you choose this approach, use one of the other methods to provide feedback.

By providing multiple ways to enter grades, Buzz accommodates different circumstances and grade-keeping styles all in one place.

Gradebook overview

On the Gradebook screen, you can:

  1. Sort by any column by clicking the header.
  2. Rearrange the order of columns (excluding the Name column) to make your workspace most efficient for your process. To move a column, click the cell above its header and drag it to the desired location.

You can also:

  1. Click Display Options in the toolbar to choose the columns and other display details you want on the screen.
  2. Click Enable quick-edit grading in the toolbar to enter scores directly into the Grades table.
  3. Click Tools to Import Scores, Export Scores, and Go to final grades.
  4. Click a student to see and/or print their individual gradebook information.
  5. Click an assignment to open the Activity Grader for that assignment.
  6. Click a specific cell to open the Grade Editor for a particular student activity.

Accessibility notes

Three inline help items appear on this screen that are not currently supported by screen readers:

  • Below the grading fields in the Grade Editor for Multi-Outcome Scoring courses: You can selectively excuse a student from any Scoring Objective by entering "X" instead of a number in the score box and then clicking Submit Score. To excuse a student from the entire activity, simply click Excuse.
  • Next to pending grades where they exist in the Gradebook: Pending scores represent activities that have been graded, but the score has not been returned to the student. Pending scores include:
    • Scores that have been saved and not submitted.
    • Scores that have been submitted, but the activity’s specified release date for the score has not passed.
  • Next to the version number (Version: [#]) in the Submit Answers window that you use to submit student answers from a printed assessment: The printed assessment has already been submitted if its version is not [#].

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  • You can also grade submissions by selecting them as they appear in the To-do List on the Home page.
  • Use the Final Grades feature to review and submit grades.
  • Use the Mastery screen to check student mastery of course objectives.

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