How do I enter grades?

Ryan Richins
  • Agilix team member

Use the Performance Gradebook tool

Open the Performance tool using the Main Menu and make sure you’re on the Gradebook screen. There are multiple ways to enter grades on this page; you can:

  1. Click an activity column header to open the Activity Grader, which allows you to enter scores and feedback for every student assigned that activity.
  2. Click an activity cell for a specific student and enter that student’s score and feedback for that activity.
  3. Click Enable Quick Edit to make the entire table editable, and enter scores directly into the cells; if you choose this approach, use one of the other methods to provide feedback.

By providing multiple ways to enter grades, Buzz accommodates different circumstances and grade-keeping styles all in one place.

Additional articles


  • You can also grade submissions by selecting them as they appear in the To-do List on the Home page.
  • Use the Final Grades feature to review and submit grades.
  • Use the Mastery screen to check student mastery of course objectives.


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