How do I enter grades?

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Open the Gradebook tool using the Main Menu and make sure you’re on the Grades screen.

There are multiple ways to enter grades on this page; you can:

  1. Click an activity column header to open the Activity Grader, which allows you to enter scores and feedback for every student assigned that activity.
  2. Click an activity cell for a specific student and enter that student’s score and feedback for that activity.
  3. Click Enable quick-edit grading to make the entire table editable, and enter scores directly into the cells; if you choose this approach, use one of the other methods to provide feedback.

By providing multiple ways to enter grades, Buzz accommodates different circumstances and grade-keeping styles all in one place.

Gradebook overview

On the Gradebook screen, you can:

  1. Order any columns that you've made visible (e.g., Name, Accommodations, Score, Letter) by clicking the header.
  2. Rearrange any columns that you've made visible (e.g., Name, Accommodations, Score, Letter)  to make your workspace most efficient for your process. To move a column, click the cell above its header and drag it to the desired location.

You can also:

  1. Click Display Options in the toolbar to choose the columns and other display details you want on the screen.
  2. Click Enable quick-edit grading in the toolbar to enter scores directly into the Grades table.
  3. Click Tools to Import Scores, Export Scores, and Go to final grades.
  4. Click the student's name to see the Student grades screen where you can see and/or print their individual progress information and/or Batch-update grades on multiple activities for them.
  5. Click an assignment to open the Activity Grader for that assignment.
  6. Click a specific cell to open the Grade Editor for a particular student activity.
  7. Add students to the Clipboard.

Accessibility notes

Three inline help items appear on this screen that are not currently supported by screen readers:

  • Below the grading fields in the Grade Editor for Multi-Outcome Scoring courses: You can selectively excuse a student from any Scoring Objective by entering "X" instead of a number in the score box and then clicking Submit Score. To excuse a student from the entire activity, simply click Excuse.
  • Next to pending grades where they exist in the Gradebook: Pending scores represent activities that have been graded, but the score has not been returned to the student. Pending scores include:
    • Scores that have been saved and not submitted.
    • Scores that have been submitted, but the activity’s specified release date for the score has not passed.
  • Next to the version number (Version: [#]) in the Submit Answers window that you use to submit student answers from a printed assessment: The printed assessment has already been submitted if its version is not [#].

Quick edit

The Quick edit tool allows you to update activity Scores for a student right on this screen.

To do so:

  1. Click the Enable quick-edit grading button in the toolbar (it is highlighted when enabled as in the screenshot).
  2. Click a student's score for an activity to activate the editable field, and update the Score column. After entering a score:
    • Clicking on a new cell saves the updated Score.
    • Pressing Enter while in the cell saves the Score and navigates down one cell in the column, so you can edit the next Score for that activity.  
    • Pressing Tab while in the cell saves the Score and navigates you to the next column, so you can edit the same student's Score for the next activity.
    • Refresh your screen to see the newly entered scores reflected in the Score and Letter columns.

When you're done using Quick edit, you can click the tool in the toolbar to disable it.

If you leave it enabled, it remains enabled when you navigate away from the screen, so you can return and continue editing scores. Enabling Quick edit from this screen also enables it in the Student Grades screen, so you can navigate between screens to update scores.

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  • You can also grade submissions by selecting them as they appear in the To-do List on the Home page.
  • Use the Final Grades feature to review and submit grades.
  • Use the Mastery screen to check student mastery of course objectives.

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