How do I align activities with objectives?

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Using the Editor

Aligning each activity to the appropriate objectives allows you to track your students' competency mastery based on their performance and focus your intervention where it’s needed.

  1. Open the Editor with the Main Menu.
  2. Create a new activity or select the activity you want to align objectives with and click the pencil icon (edit).
Using the Editor
  1. Click Choose objective in Settings tab > Objective mastery card.
  1. Check the boxes next to objectives to align them with the activity. Use the Filter field to search objectives for words and phrases.
  2. Click Done.

Alternative drag-and-drop approach

You can also align objectives with activities and folders by:

  1. Opening the Editor from the Main Menu.
  2. Selecting the desired folder or activity.
  3. Expanding the left panel and selecting the Objectives tab.
  4. Selecting, dragging, and dropping the objectives from the list on the left to the target folder or activity.

Review the Syllabus > Objectives tab to see which objectives have been aligned

With the  Objectives tab, you can:

  1. Filter the displayed objectives.
  2. Review the number of gradable and non-gradable activities are aligned with each displayed objective.
  3. Quickly identify objectives that aren't aligned with any activities by looking for a red square in the bottom, left corner of objective's row. When objectives have been aligned with activities, the square is colored to match your chosen theme.

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