How do I award badges?

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Award badges to reinforce desired behavior interact with your students on a personalized level.

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Manually award badges using the Clipboard

To award badges:

  1. Open the Clipboard tool from the toolbar or Main Menu.
  2. Select Badges.
  3. Add the student(s), Quick Lists, and/or Groups to whom you want to award the badge using the panel on the left (How do I add students to the Clipboard?).
  4. Select the badge you want to award.
  5. Enter a brief message in the Badge requirements field, so the recipient(s) know why they're receiving it; this is your chance to personalize the badge for your student(s).
  6. Click Choose File next to Attach evidence file to browse for and attach a file related to the badge (e.g., a photo of the associated project, the essay or assignment file, a screenshot showing improving performance, etc.,). This is an easy way to tie praise to a concrete achievement for students and show them the thought behind badges.
  7. Click Award.
Manually award badges using the Clipboard

Assign automatically-awarded badges to courses, folders, or activities

When enabled in your domain, you can choose badges to be automatically awarded to students upon completing all activities in a folder. To set this up:

  1. Open the Editor using the Main Menu.
  2. Select the desired folder or activity.
  3. Make sure the panel on the left is expanded, and select the Badges tab.
  4. Select, drag, and drop the badge from the list on the left to the target folder or activity. Students automatically receive the badge upon successfully completing that folder or activity.

Alternative approach

You can also set up automatic badges in Buzz using the Activity editors.


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