How do I set up my course structure?

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Course components

The structure you set up with the Syllabus is visible to your students on the Course Home. You can preview your students' view by opening the Activities tool.

You can build your course using:

  • Folders to organize your content into units, chapters, sections, etc.
  • The Library to add activities and content from other courses, domains, and open educational resources (OER), like OpenEd.  
  • Projects, which allow you to create and manage robust projects that provide authentic experience, enable group learning, empower students, and encourage critique, reflection, and revision. These features are designed to support the critical components of project-based learning (PBL).
  • Interactive activities:
    • Assessments
    • Assignments
    • Blogs
    • Custom Activities
    • Discussions
    • Journals
    • Peer Assessments
    • Practice Questions (formerly Homework)
    • Surveys
    • Wikis
  • Content-delivery activities:
    • Embed Code
    • File Attachment
    • Google Drive Document
    • Rich-Text Activities
    • Website Links
    • YouTube Videos
Course components

Build your course

Use the following tools to manage these activity types:

  1. Click the thumbnail to expand and close folders.  
  2. A plus sign [+] icon appears to the right of each folder. Click it to add new Folders, Projects, or Activities to that folder.
  3. Toggle the eye (visibility) icon to control whether the selected folder or activity appears in your students' Activities tool.
  4. Use the pencil (edit) icon to edit the selected folder or activity.
  5. Use the side menu to Preview, Move, Delete, or Duplicate the selected folder or activity. You can also move folders and activities by clicking and dragging and dropping them.

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