How do I duplicate assessments and assessment questions?

  • Updated:

You can use the Assessment activity's Text editors to duplicate individual questions (within or across assessments) or duplicate entire assessments.

Duplicate questions

To duplicate individual questions:

  1. Open the Text editor for the question you want to duplicate.
  2. Select and copy all of the text.
  3. Add a question.
  1. Paste the copied text into the new question's Text editor.

You can now edit the question with the Text editor or turn off the Text editor to make changes with the question editor.

Duplicate assessments

To duplicate an entire assessment:

  1. Click the Edit all questions button, < >, above the list of questions.
  1. Select and copy all of the text.
  1. Create a new Assessment activity.
  2. Open the Edit all questions screen in the new assessment and paste the copied text into it.
  3. Click OK.

You can now make changes to the duplicated assessment.


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