How do I create and grade group assignments?

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Only one student in a group is required to make a submissions for a group assignment. You can review the submission and assign a grade that applies to every student that is in the group when you submit the grade.

Create group assignments

  1. Add an activity using the Editor and select the Assignment activity type.
  2. Specify the activity details using the Assignment Activity Editor.
  3. Under Gradebook and submission in the Settings tab, check the This is a group assignment box and select the Student grouping from the dropdown. You can click Manage groupings to:
    • Add New grouping.
    • Edit an existing student group set by clicking it.
    • Copy an existing student group set by clicking the copy icon.
    • Delete groupings by clicking the garbage can (delete) icon next to it.
  4. Save.

Grade group assignments

  1. Access them in the same way you would other activities: How do I enter grades?
  2. When you select a group activity, the groups are listed where you usually see student names. Select the desired group.
Grade group assignments
  1. Use the Activity Grader to enter grades and provide feedback for all group members.
  2. Submit Score.

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