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Auto Exemption of Assignments

Jocelyn Kolle

We would like to give students three options for completing work of a competency. For example, to show mastery of Competency 1 the student can complete a project, life experience, or completing assignments, quizzes, exams.  We are wondering, based on their choice, if the two options they do they not choose can be removed from the student grade book automatically so that the teacher does not have to go in and manually exempt each item from the other choices. 

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Jocelyn!

If I understand this correctly, you want students to pick certain items to work on from the course syllabus? It is not possible unless one either excuses the student from certain items, or, the course is configured with specific items. 

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Elizabeth Mcleod

I just started using mastery based in my blended classroom but I'm struggling with the teacher view vs. student view in the grades center.  In the teachers center you can see an "X" on the assignments that the students are exempted from but in the student view it excludes them from the list.  Is there a way that Agilix can leave those assignments on the list but give the students an "X" so that they can see how well that they did on specific assignments?  Thanks for your help on this

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Ryan Josephson

Student settings has the option to show exempted activities.

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