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retaking tests- only retake what was answered incorrectly


 It would be wonderful if there were an option in the allowing retakes that students only had to retake what was answered incorrectly instead of retaking the whole test.  

Thank you!

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Scott Taylor


Thank you for the suggestion! We'll add this to the list of items to discuss for possible enhancements to assessments.

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Anne Dillon

OMG that would be amazing! Sometimes I cut out just the questions my kids get wrong and erase the answers and have them do that exact thing. Would save us all a lot of work. 

Thank you for considering.


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Kevin McBride

How does this differ from a practice activity? Is it because a student would not know if it was correct or incorrect until after all the questions are complete? Is there another difference?

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Anne Dillon

I'm not clear on your question and how it relates to wishing the kids could just retake the questions they got wrong on a test.

Another request would be for the system to allow the students access to the test after they take it so they can see exactly what they are getting wrong so they know which lessons or sections to review. As it is now it is an additional step for me to go in and cut and paste the results so he can study them.




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Kevin McBride

Hi Anne,

Edit: I realized from your post history that you are a parent. My response assumed that you were a teacher or school staff and looked for a solution to a specific problem.

The practice questions activity type allows students to retake only items they got wrong on that specific assignment. Does this offer the  feature you are looking for? Or are you requesting a feature that is different in the way that practice questions allow you to see if the answer was correct or not only after the activity is submitted?


For the second request, students can have access to the test after they have taken it to see what they got wrong. This can be set in the Assessment Review section of the activity editor.

Assessment review

This card allows you to choose when students see the following information from the assessment: Question resultsStudent answersQuestion scoreCorrect questionsCorrect choices, and Feedback. The options for each are:

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hey Anne!

Thank you for the feedback!

Additionally, it is possible for exams to show what questions a student answered correctly or not after submission. You will need to reach out to the teacher or school addressing this desire to accommodate your needs.  

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Anne Dillon

My request was for the quizzes and exams (not practice stuff) to let them retake only missed questions. 


I've poked around and I can't seem to figure out how to get to the assessment review section. Can you help me?


Also, is there a way to NOT let the student move on to the next lesson before the current lesson has been passed? GradPoint did that automatically. I'm assumings it's just a setting somewhere that I haven't found yet. Do you know where that would be?


Thank you!!

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Kevin McBride

Hi Anne,

The practice questions despite the name, can be used for quizzes and exams.

If you have access to the teacher side of the course, teachers set the assessment review for their students in the settings menu of the activity editor. 

The options to not let a student move on to the next lesson can be done in two ways depending on your needs. Both the Advanced activity options and Visibility and Access headings can be found in the settings menu of the activity editor. 

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Jeremy Walker


You can expand the Visibility section and find the option you want there:

Once you check that box, it'll let you choose what activity will control access. You can determine what constitutes completion per assignment as well whether it be a passing grade, a time limit, or marking the item as complete.

Hope this helps,


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Margaret Colella

How do I reset ONLY the incorrect questions on a Practice Questions assignment? Let's say there are ten questions and I want the student to retake or redo questions 3 and 6. What needs to be done to reassign just those two questions?

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