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What is Account settings?

  • Updated:

Account settings can be accessed from the User menu , all Dawn users manage their basic information, including:

  1. Their Avatar.
  2. Email and Mobile phone number.
  3. Privacy features:
    • Password management.
    • Download my data allows the user to download a ZIP file with the raw JSON files that comprise their personal data in Dawn.
    • Delete account allows the user to fully delete their account and information.
  4. Their Name as they want it to appear in Dawn
  5. Any custom User attributes the site administrator has created added. In this example, the admin asks users to choose a Nutrition goal.
  6. A Profile card where you can write a Bio for yourself that is publicly available to other Dawn users. Authors can choose to include coach and author bios on the Catalog details screen.
  1. Display settings:
    • Their Color scheme (light or dark mode) preferences (this appears only if the administrator allows it).
    • The accessibility option to Use the high contrast theme to help text stand out better.
  2. Email notifications; administrators and coaches can manage their notifications.
  3. Billing; users can and and update credit cards, manage Subscriptions (see number 11), and review their Billing history.
  4. Scheduling availability for coaching (only appears for coaches).
  1. If users are subscribers, they can Cancel subscriptions by clicking the Garbage can icon. When you cancel a subscription, you have access to content until the end of the current subscription cycle.

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