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How do I add notes to a video?

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Coaches and learners can add notes to videos that are posted as part of learner projects or attached to feeds.

When viewing videos submitted by learners in these locations, coaches and other learners see an Add note button in the bottom-right corner of the video.

Clicking Add note pauses the video and opens a New post editor where you can enter text and/or attach files that are automatically connected to the timestamp of the paused video when you post them.

When you post a note, an arrow icon appears on the timeline to indicate that there is a note attached to that moment. Coaches and learners can access notes in multiple ways while watching a video:

  1. Clicking on the arrow icon in the timeline pauses the video and jumps viewers to that note.  
  2. Clicking View notes pauses the video and jumps the viewer to the first note in the video.
  3. Once either of these methods is used to view notes, next and back arrows appear that allow viewers to move through the notes in order.
  1. Notes are also recorded as comments underneath the video in the feed or project.

The original creator of the note can always edit or delete the note. Coaches and administrators can delete any user's notes.


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