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Publish Anywhere educator/distributor steps: How to import course content

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This article outlines how educators and distributors can import Publish Anywhere content they receive from their publisher partners.

Import content

The process of importing Publish Anywhere courses varies between LMSs. They all require the cartridge, the LTI tool/domain name, and the key, and secret your publisher provides. Search documentation about the other LMSs for articles about uploading "LTI" and "thin cartridge" content.

As an example, to import into Canvas:

  1. Open  Courses > Settings > Course Details and click Import content into this course.
  1. Select the Publish Anywhere course cartridge you created.
    • Select All content in the Content section.
    • Leave the Default Question bank and Options sections blank.
  2. Click Import.
  1. Open Courses > Settings > Apps and select Edit from the Publish Anywhere dropdown.
    • Note: You may need to select View App Configurations next to External Apps to access this list.
  1. Canvas automatically populates the Domain field with the LTI Tool Name (domain name) your publisher provided. You just need to provide the Consumer Key and Shared Secret.
    • We recommend you choose Public in the Privacy dropdown, so the names of the students in your gradebook will automatically transfer to the Publish Anywhere grading pages. Otherwise, the names are replaced with Canvas-generated number identifiers.
    • Note: The Launch URL field appears to be a required field, but it is not.
  2. Submit.

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