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Publish Anywhere: Admin guide

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Publish Anywhere lets you easily deliver your content, learning activities, and assessments via LTI and Thin Common Cartridge to any compatible system.

Publish Anywhere must be configured as an LTI in an LMS for content to be delivered there. It is currently 1EdTech (formerly IMS) certified for both LTI 1.1 and LTI 1.3/LTI Advantage. We highly recommend using LTI 1.3/LTI Advantage as it provides the most current integration security.

In order to ensure security in your integration, configuring Publish Anywhere and the target LMS requires some coordination and can be complicated. We've tried to ease that process as much as possible.

Here is the documentation you may need to use in configuring your integration:

  1. Publish Anywhere publisher steps: How to export courses: This document walks you through:
    • Creating a content author domain in Buzz where all of your content can live and be kept current for distribution to target LMSs using Publish Anywhere.
    • Creating customer domains for each customer with subscriptions to the content author domain. If you're delivering content to only one customer, you only need to create one customer domain. You can always create more domains for future customers.
    • Configuring Publish Anywhere as the LTI tool and the LMS. We have some additional articles to help with this:
    • Exporting courses as 1EdTech common cartridge packages.
    • Delivering 1EdTech common cartridge packages to the LMS customers. If you are importing the packages, yourself, you won't need to "deliver" them; you will continue to the next step.
  2. Publish Anywhere educator/distributor steps: How to import course content: This document walks you through the process of importing Publish Anywhere courses to the target LMS. The process varies between LMSs, but they all require the cartridge and the handshake IDs and URLs you can access in your Publish Anywhere admin account (see Step 1 in this list). This article offers help on the following LMSs; however, full support can only come from the LMS:
    • Brightspace
    • Canvas
    • Schoology
    • Moodle

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