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Publish Anywhere: How do I deep link activities in Canvas with Publish Anywhere?

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Note: These tips are to help you get started. Full support can come only from the LMS.

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Publish Anywhere supports deep linking to activities, allowing teachers to browse the content available to them and choose to add only what they want—all from within your chosen LMS.

Previously, teachers and other content authors had to import all activities (via IMSCC package) and delete what they didn't want. Deep linking allows for more flexibility and better supports teachers that want to add additional materials to their existing courses.

Deep links are made possible using an LTI 1.3 extension that allows for an LMS to query a third-party system for available content. You can then select which content you would like to use, and the third-party automatically creates those activities in the LMS.

How to add deep linked activities in Canvas

Once you've configured Buzz (via Publish Anywhere) and Canvas for deep linking, you can link activities within Canvas:

  1. In your Canvas course, select Assignments.
  2. Click Add assignment.
  1. In the Submission Type field, select External tool.
  2. In the Enter or find an External Tool URL field, click Find.
  1. Select the external tool you configured (this likely includes Publish Anywhere in the title).
  1. Browse the content available in your library. Click Preview to see the activity and Add to select it.
  1. When you Add an activity, it is added to your cart. From this screen, you can Preview the activity and/or Remove it. Check the Add to gradebook box if you want it added.
  2. Click Add activity.
  1. The Configure External Tool window reopens. Close it.

The link is added to your field. Configure the rest of the activity as you desire. Click Save and publish when you're ready.

The content now appears. Click Student view to preview as a student.


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