How do I use SpeechStream's text-to-speech tool?

Ryan Richins
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The SpeechStream toolbar, from Texthelp, supports accessibility in a variety of ways, and Buzz makes it easy to integrate it.

With SpeechStream enabled, the Activities toolbar displays a Text to speech button for Assignments and Rich-text activity types.

Pressing the button (which looks like an ear) hides and shows the SpeechStream toolbar that reads the assignment text aloud using the play button.

Depending on your configuration with Texthelp, your SpeechStream toolbar can offer additional tools (learn more).

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Mike Morone

Is this available in all courses, regardless of vendor?   

Or does a vendor have to offer it first? 

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Yes, our SpeechStream integration is available to all Buzz users. The Buzz customer just must have a SpeechStream account to configure it in Buzz.

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