How do I submit a blog or journal post?

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Your teacher may ask you to record your thoughts and insights regarding the subject matter in a blog or journal.

To submit a blog or journal post:

  1. Open the blog or journal in the Activities tool.
  1. On this screen, you can see the activity instructions and any past posts you've made. Notice:
    • In a blog activity, you can choose to see a classmate's blog posts by selecting them in the Student dropdown.
    • In a journal activity, this doesn't appear because journals can be seen only by you and your teacher.
  2. Click New Post.
  1. Complete the editable fields.
    • Give your post a Title that tells a little about your post.
    • Tags are used to group your posts by topic, so they are easily found.
    • An Excerpt can provide a litte more information about your post.
  2. Enter your post in the text editor.
  3. Save.

Once you make your post:

  1. You can sort your posts by date or by the Tags you created.
  2. Your teacher (and classmates if it's a blog activity) can read it and Add comments.
  3. You can respond to comments made on the post.



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