How do I post to a discussion?

Ryan Richins
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You can respond to existing threads or begin your own.

To start a new thread:

  1. Open the discussion in the Activities tool.
  2. Review any directions from your teacher.
  3. Click New Thread.
  4. Enter your post in the text editor and add any relevant attachments.
  5. Click Post.

To respond to another's post, click the reply arrow to the right of their post.


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I was unable to submit the post.  It keeps telling me"Unable to save the post".  What can I do?


Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Concepcion, I'm sorry for this frustration you experienced? Could you post a screenshot of the error that you received? There should be a way to expand the error to show more details and the error code.

Rhea Agarwal

My discussion doesn't allow me to submit a post. I do not have the option of "New Thread"

Scott Taylor

Hello Rhea,

Please reach out to your teacher to take a closer look at this with you, there should be the "New Thread" option available to you just below the activity title. If it is not there for you they may have to update your enrollment or settings.


I have the same problem too! There's no "New Thread" option available in my discussion board

Scott Taylor


If there is no "New Thread" option please reach out to your teacher or authorized support contact to assist with investigating further.

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