How do I change my profile picture?

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Customize your Buzz profile.

The ability to change your profile picture in Buzz is controlled by app administrators. If you are unable to find the options described in the following directions, your administrators have not enabled them for you.

To change your profile picture:

  1. Open your User Menu by clicking your name or picture in the top, right corner, and select Settings
  1. If you are allowed to change your picture, Settings includes a Profile picture card where you can:
    • Choose a profile picture from a library of pre-approved Avatars.
    • Click the garbage can (delete) icon next to an existing profile picture, and click the plus sign that replaces it to browse and choose a profile picture from your device (if allowed in your organization).
      • Recommended file type: PNG or JPG (Buzz converts all files into PNGs)
      • Ideal size: 300px x 300px (Buzz automatically resizes images, so uploading images smaller than 300px x 300px may reduce quality)

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