How do I set dates on which I don't want assignments due (Blackout dates)?

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Continuous enrollment courses are self-paced. Course completion is usually achieved when you complete of certain activities rather than by the ending of a semester or other timeframe. When you enroll in a continuous enrollment course, Buzz automatically schedules suggested due dates for all gradable activities based on various factors to help you keep up on your work.

Automatically generated due dates

Suggested due dates are based on:

  • The sequence of activities in the course.
  • The number of non-gradable activities between gradable activities.
  • The weight of each activity.
  • Any blackout dates that have been specified by your school or your teacher.
  • Any blackout dates that you have created (if your school allows this).
  • Your preferred schedule for due dates (if your school allows this).
    • Note: Automatically generated due dates are never assigned to Saturdays or Sundays unless you intentionally select them.
  • The number of days and date range assigned to the course.  

Create your own blackout dates

If enabled by your admins, you can set Blackout dates for yourself in these courses, and they are excluded from these calculations, so due dates don't fall on them.

  1. Open the Calendar.
  1. Click the Blackout dates button in the toolbar.
  1. Click Add in the My blackout dates card.
  2. Provide a Name and Start and End dates.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Close the window.

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