How do I add attachments to an Assignment activity?

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Note: Buzz enforces a filesize upload limit of 100MB.

Your teacher can create submission Assignments that ask you for specific types of attachments. These can include any of the following, but only those your teacher asks for will appear for you:

  1. Text, which you enter in the Comments box.
  2. A Website address (URL), which you add in the field below the Comments box.
  3. Files, Google files, Images, Drawings, Audio, Video, Web addresses, Google file annotations, and Image annotations. These are added by clicking the buttons under Attachments.

Click the buttons that appear below Attachments to do any of the following:

  • + File: Upload a file, like a PDF or Word doc, from your device.
  • + Google file: Attach a Google file. You can choose one you've already created or, if enabled for your domain, you can create one in the activity.
  • + Image:  Choose to upload or take a picture in the popup that appears. Once the image is attached, you can even draw on it using Buzz's drawing tool.
  • + Drawing: Draw something using Buzz's drawing tool.
  • + Audio: Choose to upload or record audio in the popup that appears.
  • + Video:  Choose to upload or record video in the popup that appears.
  • + Google file annotation: Edit a Google file that your teacher provides and submit your changes.
  • + Image annotation: Using Buzz's drawing tool, edit an image that your teacher provides and submit your changes.

Each time you attach an item, it appears as a tile in Attachments.

Each attachment has different actions you can take with it:

  1. Preview is allowed for all attachments and allows you to edit any Google files.
  2. Edit is allowed for Images, Drawings, and Image annotations.
  3. Download is allowed for Files, Images, Drawings, and Image annotations.
  4. Remove is allowed for all attachments.

When you're finished, click Submit my work and everything is turned in to your teacher for grading.

Create Google Document

To Create Google Document:

  1. Click + Google file.
  1. Select Create one in the Attach Google file window.
  2. Give the activity a title.
  3. Select the kind of document you want to create (Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides).
  4. Click Create.
  1. The Google file is added to your Attachments.
  2. Click the Preview button to open the file and edit it (it opens in a new tab).
  3. When you're finished, return to your Buzz window and click Submit my work.



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