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Feature Request - Filter options added to "Needs Grading" page

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Tyler Abasolo
Hello! We have a few teachers wanting to add filters to the needs grading page so that they can pull up multiple assignments on a specific day. Here is their full message. "We are more efficient when we can go into a course card to a specific assignment and grade multiple submissions of that assignment. The disadvantage is that if we are grading in the main cue, we can filter for all submissions on one date, but we can't add the filter for a specific assignment. we can enter 2/3 and get all the submissions from that date. We will be more efficient if we can filter for 2/3 as well as "spelling"."

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Marc Collins

I am not sure if this addresses what you are asking about... or you may already know what I'm suggesting... (but worth a try!). There is a way to grade all students' submissions from a single assignment without other assignments mixed in.

Go to the gradebook - And click the assignment name on the top of the column. From there, click the 1st student's name. Grade it, Submit grade, and the next student's submission will automatically come up on the screen. This is option 1 in this article:

Hope this helps - sorry for wasting time if it does not :)

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Jeremy Walker


I would normally just enter "spelling" in the filter. I often grade my assignments in batches in this way. I think the system orders them by date submitted. Does that not work for them? Sorry, if we're misunderstanding what they are trying to do.

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