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Custom Role for Teachers

Tracy Wright
I created a custom role for teachers. This grants READ ONLY access. When I created the role, the courses did not populate on the teacher's home page (the date to "start" the course is within range). Is there a reason why they didn't populate? What I'm trying to accomplish is giving support staff access to see all course content, without any gates, but not have all the student enrolled in those course populate in their PEOPLE app. Any help or direction on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Meri Tunison

Tracy, is it possible the "custom" access may be under the Admin app view rather than the Teacher app view? (Can be switched in the waffle grid icon).

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Tracy Wright

Hi Meri,

That was a great idea, but unfortunately there isn't an option for Admin in the remote teaching staff's waffle. I was really hoping there was! Thank you for trying to help. I really appreciate it.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Tracy!

Is the support staff not going to use the admin app to view content? 

If the support staff is only going to be using the teacher app, is the course hidden from their dashboard through the manage courses page? Is their enrollment status active and their enrollment (not the course) start and end date within the current date? If that all checks out, please provide a user ID and course ID that should be displaying on their dashboard. 

If they are given the course level edit permission they will have access to the course editor and will be able to make edits to the course content. They either will have access to it and edit it or no access at all to the course editor. While not ideal if it's a derivative course, the course author could select the setting in the course editor to prevent content field edits in derivative courses. 

As long as the user has access to either the teacher or admin app, they will have access to the People page. 

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