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Students Getting Timed Out

Aaron Rodriguez

Students are being logged out of Buzz mid-assessment. Is it possible there is a network idle time or could this be a network domain settings issue?

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Aaron!

It is hard to tell without being able to further troubleshoot the issue. When you stated it logs the user out of Buzz does it direct the user to the Buzz login page, or, are they presented with a dialogue message?

It may be more helpful to have your organization submit a ticket to Agilix Support if this is needing to be resolved quicker. 

Some things that could be at issue are:

  • Idle timeout set too low at the domain settings or on a CAS server.
  • Poor internet/network connection 
  • User's computer went to sleep

However, I would need more information to truly be able to narrow in on the cause. 


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