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Grey dots no longer showing in grade book.

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Melissa Beach

Previous version of the grade book would show grey dots for an assignment for a group that they were not in. When 2 versions of a test were given, one for the regular test and one for the modified test, a grey dot would show in the grade book for one column or the other for each student. This was useful to assure every student was seeing the correct version of the test they should be taking. It is also helpful to track student test submissions. Is it possible to get this feature back.

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I really like the dot feature. It showed me who was assigned each version of my tests. Please bring this feature back. 

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

The grey dots will be making a return in this week's update (tomorrow). 

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Jeremy Walker

That's fantastic news, Brad.  Thank you so much!!

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Thank you!

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