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Creating accommodated and modified duplicates in a course

Amanda Kelly

I need to create an accommodated group and a modified group within a course and assign two different versions of tests and activities to those groups. Is there a how-to on doing this? Do the remaining students also have to be in a group to manage the "view" settings? In the gradebook when we create an alternate assignment we can see it when proxied in as a student, but does not show up in the teacher's gradebook.

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Amanda Kelly, you can create group specific settings for different assignments. See How do I configure group-specific activity settings? If you toggle the group while in the assessment editor, you can create some questions that are only available to some of the groups.

However, note that once you begin editing the available questions to a specific group, that group will no longer receive new questions added to all groups.

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