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HEIC file format

Ryan Josephson

Wondering if there is support for HEIC photo file format on the roadmap. I just came Students often are asked to post photos of their work for a Geometry class and using their phones is an easy way to upload photos vs using their webcams.

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Ryan, long-time no-talk. There are no plans at this time to allow for .heic file formats to be embedded. However, you should be able to attach them. Is there somewhere that this does not work?

The .heic format is not supported by any browser, likely due to various patent issues.

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Ryan Josephson

We were trying to upload from Google Drive, I think I can just get the students to post a hyperlink to the image in Drive and that should suffice.  Thanks for responding.

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Ryan Josephson

Actually just found you can change the format on the phones for anyone else needing this.

Settings>Camera>Format>Most Compatible





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Flew Flewelling

With the increase in HEIC file use, this would be a great addition to Buzz.  A lot of my students are submitting HEIC files into the assignment's Dropbox.  When I go to the To-Do list to grade, Buzz will preview jpg and other file types.  It would be great for Buzz to include a preview for HEIC as well.  Or, at the very least, when I click on the HEIC file, Buzz forces me to download the file; if Buzz could open the file in another tab, even that would be great.  

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