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Moving objects (items) between courses

Todd Halfast

I have "master" courses that are organized by discipline (i.e. Science, Math, ELA, etc) and have built out several derivative courses that contain items from these courses. For example, I have a derivative child Algebra course that contains many of the items from the Math Discipline course. However, some of my child Science courses may also contain a few of those Math items.

They are all derivative chained so that updates are passing through from the master item correctly.

The challenge is.....I have a need re-organize and move some of the items from one course to another....i.e. I would like to break up my Math Discipline course into Early Math, Middle School Math and so on. Is there a way to move "master" items between courses.

In the UI -- I know there is the "bulk edit -> move" feature but that appears to only allow moving an item between folders within the same course.

Via DLAP -- I know I can update some of the data for an item but the entityid (the course) does not appear to be a piece of that data.

I really don't want to create new "copies" of the item in my new, more specific courses because it would serve no purpose. All that would do is create another child copy but my parent/master item would still be in the "old" course...and all of the derivatives are still chained to that old item (instead of the new one) and I would still be forced to edit that item in the old course.

My goal is to break apart the "MATH" course into new "specific" courses....move items around into those new courses and then delete what would now be the original but empty "math" master course....without breaking any of the existing, derivative chaining.

Is this possible, either in the UI or via DLAP calls?

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Todd:

There is not any way to move an activity (item) from one course to another. The only options is to copy the activity from one course to another and then delete it from the original course.

You may also think of taking a different approach. Instead of literally breaking up the Math course, you could have all math items continue to exist in that course. Then, create different master courses for the subjects/disciplines and create links to the activities that are applicable for that subject. This would allow you to have a master course that crosses subjects but still have the original activity in their pure course. (NOTE: Courses can only have up to 5,000 activities.)

For example:

Math master

  • Activity A
  • Activity B


  • Activity C
  • Activity D


  • Activity E
  • Activity F

Web Design and Development (subject)

  • Activity B (linked from Math)
  • Activity C (linked from Science)
  • Activity F (linked from Art)
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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Also note, that linked activities prevent users from editing the content of the activity. While they can edit the settings, they cannot edit the "description"/html of the activity. So, if this is not desired, then not an ideal approach. But in a standardized/publisher model, it could be ideal to prevent changes and to make sure that you content edits are always received.

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Todd Halfast

Hi Brad.  Thanks for your response.  We did consider what you suggested regarding the other master courses but based on how we want to "clean" things up and reorganize items, that doesn't really meet our goal.

And not being able to edit the "linked" activities is exactly what we want, so the expected behavior is perfectly accomplishing that goal.

We were just hoping that a move could be accomplished so that we wouldn't break the derivative chain...while still being able to organize.

And if I understand how the chaining works and knowing the fact that a deleted item is never really "deleted".  We would end up with this, if I am correct.



  • Item1
  • Item2
  • Item3


  • Item4
  • Item5
  • Item6



  • Item1(link)
  • Item2(link)
  • Item4(link)



  • Item1(copy)
  • Item2(copy)
  • and then delete the original Item1 and Item2 in the "Math Course"

If I had to make edits to Item1 6 months from now, I would still need to do them in Item1 in the Math Course (which are now deleted), yes? Because Item1 is the source of the derivative chain...not the copy of it in the "Algebra Course".



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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

I don't think I quite understand your hierarchy. I'm guessing you need to edit "Item1" in "MATHCOURSE" because "CHEMISTRY COURSE" is linking to it? If that is the case, then, yes, you would need to restore the activity to be able to edit it. So, you were hoping to move the activity to another course and have all derivatives of the previous course know that it moved? 

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Todd Halfast

Hi Brad.  Yes, that is exactly what i was hoping for.

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

In that case, you could copy the activity to another course, then update the existing activity in the old master to link to the new activity. That way, you only have one place to perform the edits and all derivatives still have access to the content because the old master has a link to the new activity.

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Todd Halfast

Thanks Brad. That's a really interesting way of solving the problem. I'll visit with our content team and see what they think.

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