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Kelly Calderone

I noticed that teachers can now leave audio feedback on submitted items. Can Agilix embed that little audio button on assessment questions? It would be a game changer for special needs students who need tests read aloud to them. The teacher could not only type the test questions, but the teacher could record himself reading the test questions in the way they are supposed to be read with the correct pronunciation and everything.  Then, when the student takes the test, the student can click the button to hear the teacher's voice reading the question. 

Is this possible? We have a huge special needs population at our school and something like this would get so many more teachers to buy into ad see the value of Buzz. Thanks.

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Gideon Seaman

This would be a good option for World Languages, too!

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Scott Taylor

There is currently already options to add media to questions, mp3 is one of the supported formats, to allow for audio to be attached to the question. There is not currently a way to record that directly in Buzz for the question, though it is possible to record the audio on the computer, save it as mp3, and use it as a question resource.

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Kelly Calderone

Creating mp3 files to upload to assessment questions would be terribly cumbersome for teachers who want to create a test where each question is read aloud. We are a school with a very high special ed population, and many students have IEPs that mandate they have access to read-aloud tests. It would be incredibly useful if there was an embedded audio tool where teachers could quickly record a voice note for assessment questions. It would be good for the students to hear the teacher's voice, pronouncing the words correctly and naturally, instead of a robotic voice. I know that the Canvas LMS has this feature already. I hope that Agilix follow suit soon because I can't emphasize enough how helpful and useful it would be!

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Jeremy Walker

I would suggest taking this one step further and giving the students the ability to record their answer directly in Buzz.  This would immediately help us with our lower grades that are struggling to use Buzz in authentic ways and with our students who have issues with being able to type due to differing abilities.  A further extension might be the ability to record video as well as audio, but I think audio would be a good first step.  

Thanks for considering this.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Another option is the use of a screen reader. NVDA through Firefox is the only third party supported screen reader that we have seen the most success with Buzz. It's possible one may find success with other screen readers. 

If the solutions provided is not desired, please reach out to your account manager to address this request further.  

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Kelly Elsey

Is there a way to download NVDA for free? Every time I click download from their website it directs me to Paypal.



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Chad T. Lower

Kelly Elsey

I know this thread is old, but for anyone else looking for the NVDA, I went to the website and clicked the orange button. No paypal link for me.

Here is the current direct download link, but it is for version 2019.3.1. If/when the file updates, this direct link likely won't work.

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