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Importing Standards

Jocelyn Kolle

I currently teach a variety of Social Studies courses and I would like all of my state standards to be accessible to import. While Buzz has some of my state standards it does not have all of them listed. Is there a way to add standards ONCE and then import those into all of my courses? I don't want to have to manually add the missing standards for every course I teach. I don't currently have admin access to the account either if that makes a difference. Thank you!

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hello Jocelyn:

Standards can only be batch created as an admin. They can then be imported into a course by a teacher. 

I hope this helps.

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Is there a document or video that shows how to batch the standards?  I have done a search but could not find anything....thanks!

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Scott Taylor

The article on how to add objectives (standards) at the domain level can be found here (requires domain permissions): How do I add objectives to my domain?

And the article to add objectives (standards) in just a course can be found here: How do I create and/or import objectives?

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