How do I add objectives to my domain?

Ryan Richins
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Learning objectives are statements that describe what a student should learn, know, or be able to do after completing a learning activity. Objectives can be defined by organizations, schools, course authors, etc. Most U.S. states define standard objectives in K-12 subjects, but not all states define the same sets of objectives.

You add objectives as part of an Objective Set, which is a collection of objectives that belong together. This helps organize your objectives, as you may need different sets for different purposes (e.g., you may want to include standard objectives from two different states).

Once set up, you can align activities and questions to objectives to track student mastery of the objectives.

To make objectives available in a course, you:

  1. Create an Objective Set.
  2. Add objectives to that Objective Set.
  3. Add that objective set to Domain Settings > Course Options.

1) Create an objective set

To create an objective set in your domain:

  1. Open Objectives using the Main Menu.
  2. In Objective Sets, click Add. (To make changes to an existing objective set, click Edit on the far right, and to remove a set, check its box and click Delete.)
1) Create an objective set
  1. Provide Name, Owner (optional), and External ID (optional) content.
  2. Check the Inherit box if you want these objectives to appear in child or subdomains.
  3. Save.

2) Add objectives to an objective set

To add objectives to an existing objective set:

  1. Click the Objective Set ID for the set you want to add to.
2) Add objectives to an objective set
  1. On this screen:
    • Click Import to choose a tab-delimited or comma-separated file of objectives to import.
    • Click Add to create new objectives in Buzz.

If you clicked Add:

  1. Provide or generate a GUID for the objective if it is going to be used as a scored outcome.
  2. Provide the:
    • ID: The category or type of skill the objective represents (e.g., communication, collaboration, critical thinking, etc.,).
    • Title: Outlines the objective.
    • Subject: The subject(s) to which the objective relates (e.g., English, Math, Art, etc.,).
    • External ID: Any ID needed to align the objective with an external program or application.
    • Grades: The grade(s) for which the objective is relevant.
    • Parent: If the objective has a parent objective, its GUID is included here.
  3. Save.
  1. Once you've created an objective, you can:
    • Check its box and Delete it.
    • Highlight and copy the GUID, so you can add it to a course.
    • Click Edit to make changes.

3) Add the objective set to Course Options

An objective set needs to be added to course options in order to be accessed by course authors. To do so:

  1. Open Domain Settings > Course Options.
  2. Add the Owner value you created in step 3 of the Create an objective set section, above to the Learning Standards field.
  3. Save.
3) Add the objective set to Course Options

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  • Keep in mind that all changes impact subdomains.
  • If you need to align the same activity with objectives from two different objective sets, you can align them be creating an objective map.
  • Once objectives are added to the domain, they can be imported into courses: How do I create and/or import objectives?

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Jennifer Parzych

Hi. I have a question about importing and using objectives in the Admin Console and then trying to feed it down to the other courses in that specific domain. I am practicing with our Test Domain (ID: 2188200) before doing this live. I created a csv file with the GUIDs in, here is the link to the file: 

And then I uploaded them into the Admin Console under the Standards Section:


However, I notice that in my CSV I have Grades listed as "Other" and that did not come through. 

My big question is once the objectives or Competencies are loaded into the admin console, how do I add them to a course to use? 

If you could please indicate what step I am missing or if there is a mistake in my CSV it would be greatly appreciated. I am following the steps that are listed above and I have read your other pages on creating Objective Maps and How do I Use the Objective Tool. 

Thank you. 


Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Jennifer:

When importing objectives (see How do I batch import data using tab-delimited and comma-separated files? Importing objective data), you are supposed to specify a number that is a bit-wise OR of zero or more of these values (see GradeLevels). If you only want the "Other" grade level, then the value should be "1". 

Once the objectives are created in the system, you make them available in the Domain Settings: Course Options. Under Learning Standards, enter the objective "Owner" that you want to be available to the course authors. In your screenshots, the "Owner" would be "Jennifer Parzych". 

Once specified, a course author can choose to import learning objectives from that "Owner" into their course. For more information, see How do I create and/or import objectives? Import existing standards.

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