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Ryan Josephson

It seems that the ability to reply to a post from the activity pop out window has been lost with the upgrade to Buzz from Brainhoney. 


From the Dashboard, when I open a Discussion Board to grade, I used to be able to click on the item and post a reply.  Making it simple to reply as soon when I see a student has posted their assignment.

Now in Buzz the option is no longer there so I'm forced to track down the DB Assignment under activities in the middle of grading the assignments (so i don't forget).  As a teacher it would be more convenient to be able to post from the Grade screen or the activity pop out window. 

Could a link be added to the item for replying more easily?

Thank You

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Melissa Moreno

I need this feature, too!  We use discussion boards for our students to ask questions and to get help in their math classes.  I have 30+ posts that come in each day.  I need to be able to reply to these as I am grading from my Teacher Desktop/Dashboard.  Please add this feature back soon!

John Swaney

I was surprised and shocked to find that I cannot find my discussion posts. I have weekly boards setup that are un-graded for students who need help. I simply cannot effectively do this in Buzz. Please consider a way to add this feature as it was in BrainHoney.

Wendy Cooley

Yes!  I need to this feature as well!  Please change this!


Emily Nichols

Please add this back!  It's frustrating to have to have two browsers open just to grade Discussion Boards. Thank you!

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