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Ability to print grades easily from the student grade screen

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Jeremy Walker

It would be a great enhancement if the Buzz student grade screen had a print button that would allow everything on the grades screen to be printed.  Currently, printing only captures the little bit that is visible on the screen.  The same top portion prints even if one scrolls down and then tries to print.

A print button that allowed the entire set of information would allow me to print or save the item as a pdf for a paper-less environment.  This would often allow a team to have a conversation around a student while seeing all of the grades on one or two pages rather than needing to have access to a device and then scrolling down.

This print button should be available to anyone who views the student grade screen (students, observers, teachers by clicking on the student name in their gradebook).

Thank you for considering this request.


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Aaron Carter

Agreed Jeremy.  It seems like a basic function so that teachers can collaborate with parents and support staff.  

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

This will be included in today's release. Check out the release notes.

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Jeremy Walker

Thanks, Brad.  Please let the team know how much people will appreciate this ability!

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