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Ability to send announcements to specific groups within a course (from Elizabeth Laba et al.)

Feature idea (LEVEL 2)
Jeremy Walker

Because we have a modified block schedule, Elizabeth Laba and others often want to post announcements that would only really apply to specific groups within their course.  In BrainHoney, we had an option of selecting groups to receive a specific announcement.  We would love to see that feature also exist in Buzz.

Additionally, I think it would be helpful to add an announcement feature within the clipboard tool so that a teacher could go that route to send an announcement just to a small sub-set of a class (especially since parents can see those announcements but can't see the emails that you send).

Thanks for considering this request.


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Melissa Lambrecht

We'd love to see this feature, as well!!!!

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This would definitely be helpful especially because parents can too also see these announcements!

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Sarah Iglesias

We would also like to see this option.  We tried using the clipboard to make groups then post announcements, but still could only message the groups or announce to the course.

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Christine Dorico

Yes please!!!


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Jaclyn Sparks

Yes! This will ensure that the correct group of students gets to see the announcements that they need for their group. So a group at the end of their semester will see the announcement reminding them of the end date and post test while the group that is just starting the course will see a welcome announcement. PLEASE!

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Bruce Valenzano

Yes, please provide this feature.  

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Nicole Harvey

I agree that this will greatly assist with teacher and student communication.

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This would be super beneficial to the students!!


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Tracey Sicard Herrera


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