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Teacher submitted red zero should prevent student from accessing the item unless specifically granted a retry attempt

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Jeremy Walker

In BrainHoney, when a teacher gave a red zero to a student, the teacher could count on the student not being able to attempt the test until granted a retry.  This was a great feature that helped us with test security and minimized managing a lot of different settings that would have been needed to accomplish the same thing (adjusting due dates multiple times for absent kids doing retakes at different times and adjusting the password multiple times to accommodate the same issue).

Unfortunately, we are seeing that this same assignment, exact same settings, is automatically giving a retake attempt to the student accessing it through Buzz 2.0. If they've gotten the password from a friend (and they're crafty like that), they can access the test without supervision.

This has turned out to be a serious security breach for us as we didn't realize that this was the case until now (as students are taking midterm exams).  That's our goof-up.

Thank you for considering this parity request.


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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Jermey, Buzz now behaves this way. The only case that a student would be able to still take the assessment is if a retry or multiple attempts were allowed.

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