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Activity Time Capture through a course link

Rochelle Nelson

If a link is in a course and a student clicks on it to say like, Google Classroom, will time be captured?

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Time will be captured as long as Buzz remains open on an activity. For example, Google Classroom requires that it is opened in a new tab. While we cannot track the time that the user spent in the new tab, we will continue to record the time that the user has Buzz open on the created activity.

For example, I created an activity (website link) titled Google Classroom [1] and set it to open in a new tab/window [2]. While this activity is selected, Buzz will record the student's time.

When the user launches the link in a new tab/window [2], you will see that the Buzz window is still open [3] with the same Google Classroom activity selected. Since it is selected, even though it is not being actively looked at, we will continue to record time.

If you were to launch a website within Buzz (not all websites support this) instead of having it open in a new tab/window, we would also record the time spent as the student is viewing the activity and subsequently the website.

Does this help, Rochelle?

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Melissa Myers

Hi, I have a follow-up question to this... Do activities ever timeout if students are idle on the screen for a certain amount of time? Or will their time continue to be tracked indefinitely as long as they leave their screen open on an activity? Thanks!

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

If there is an idle timeout limit defined at the domain this will end the student's session when there is not activity in Buzz after the defined limit. Students may remain logged-in within the system as long as they have an active session. 

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