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Live preview of analytics when curving an assignment

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Posted by Bruce Sharp on How do I use Buzz's Curve scores feature?

Something that would be of great help with the curve feature would be to show a "live" analytics graph of the assignment. Currently, a teacher would have to look at the analytics to see that a curve is desired. Then curve the score (thus changing all of their students' grades). Then go back to the analytics to check the result. Maybe they decide to adjust the curve up or down. That changes all of their students' grades again every time the curve is adjusted. It may be confusing for any students online at that moment to see their grade fluctuate up and down for no apparent reason. And yes, I realize that we could just do the math to figure out the grading scale for several different scores then count from the distribution graph to see how many grades would change. But a major point of electronic grade books is to relieve the tedium of the statistical work.

It would be great if, when a teacher clicks on curve tool, the grade distribution graph for that assignment came up too. They could type a score in the curve field and the graph would change accordingly. This would allow teachers to adjust the curve to the desired score before actually applying it to the grade book so their students' grades only change once. Think of it as a what-if calculator for teachers.

Thanks :)


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