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Sue Steiner

In the previous version of Buzz, if I was in a gradebook for one section of my course and wanted to go to a different section, it took me two clicks.  Now I am using the version and it takes me 4 clicks to get from one gradebook to the gradebook in another section.  Is there a shorter way to jump between gradebooks?

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Sue:

Thank you for your feedback! We indeed did change the main menu quite significantly in this new interface of Buzz. In the previous interface, there was a lot of confusion by the navigation, specifically, having a main menu and a course chooser. We have also learned from focus groups and data that the majority of our users do not jump between the same tool (e.g., gradebook) for multiple courses. This was another cause of confusion. In the new interface, you always have a single menu (with submenus) to go to, more like other traditional applications. However, I understand your frustration and will relay it to our team.

While this may not be faster, it may be less clicks if you went to the home page and then selected the gradebook for the different section.

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Michele Nickels

Brad thank you for your explanation.  I do have to agree with Sue from a teacher perspective the ability to toggle from one grade book to another course by course or if in activity mode just stay there and switch course to course was more streamlined in the previous version of Buzz.  As an instructor myself I did not find this confusing at all in the previous version.  I do think myself and other colleagues did jump this way more so than students or observers might, but perhaps they did not understand they could do this that way either.  Thanks again for the quick response.

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Sue Steiner

Switching between gradebooks may not be a feature that a student or mentor coach would use, but it is a feature that teachers uses quite frequently.  I am in the gradebook of Sem 1 of Geometry and am done reviewing that gradebook, then I want to switch to the gradebook for Sem 2 of Geometry, then Sem 1 Honors and Sem 2 Honors.  I only teach one subject (Geometry), but if an online teacher teaches multiple math sections (Algebra, Algebra 2, etc.) the teacher would want to be able to jump between gradebooks with less work than 3 clicks each time.

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Jeremy Walker

Agreed!  I use that tool probably more than anything else.  I'm constantly flipping between classes in this way, often so I can compare settings or order in various courses.  I find that users who constantly go back to the home screen first typically didn't know that the course chooser tool existed.

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