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forcing user roles

Ryan Josephson

I'd like the ability to force my teachers to use a specific role when creating courses.  They often choose a teacher role and then are confused as to why they can not edit anything.  I would also like to option to restrict their ability to delete their courses.  We've currently taught them to use the administrator role which allows deletion of their course.  It's uneditable because the role is inherited.  I want to restrict them from using this role and it doesn't appear possible

It would be great if we could choose the allowed roles on a per user basis.

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Scott Taylor

You are correct that there is not currently a way to force a user to use a certain course role upon creation of a course. We have logged this feedback for further discussion regarding future enhancements. Thank you for your suggestion!

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Ryan Josephson

Just wanted to check up on this as we had a teacher that quit and deleted many of their old courses a long with the student data from the courses.  It would be really nice if one of the following options were available as there is no way to stop a disgruntled teacher/or naive teacher from deleting data. 

Some suggestions

Allow domain admins the option to hide root roles from users.

Force users to use use a specific course role as part of their Domain permissions.

Remove the course delete option if there are enrollments still in the course. 

(for reference I'm on Gradpoint, but thought this would apply to all) 

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Ryan!

Thank you for the feedback!

If you need assistance with restoring the courses, through your authorized point of contact they may submit a ticket to Agilix Support.

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