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Use Content Templates to improve branding, functionality, and authoring

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Content Templates allow authors to create activities using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS with fields that can be opened and edited using Buzz's rich text editor. This allows teachers and other authors to use and easily make changes to these activities without losing formatting and functionality, or having to learn an external tool.

These videos will walk you through an example Content Template and allow you to follow along. While the videos below are broken apart by section, you can watch the entire video unedited (42:23).

Download the Content Template example used in the videos.

Introduction (03:23)

A brief demonstration of Content Templates and the value added to teachers and course authors.

Set-up & Configuration (25:36)

A walk-through of how to install the example Content Templates and configure it for a domain and course.

Understanding the HTML (06:28)

A demonstration of the HTML syntax used for Content Templates.

Customizing the CSS (06:56)

A demonstration of how to customize the appearance of the example Content Templates.



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