How do I enable the SpeechStream toolbar?

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Note: As of 03/11/2021, Buzz  supports SpeechStream Version 3. This article includes instructions on how to update to V3, and we recommend you upgrade as soon as possible.

The SpeechStream toolbar, from Texthelp, supports accessibility in a variety of ways. You set up your account with Texthelp, and Buzz makes it easy to integrate it.

Enable SpeechStream

To enable SpeechStream:

  1. Scroll to the SpeechStream card in Domain Settings.
  2. Enter your SpeechStream URL in the designated field. You get this URL when you set up your SpeechStream account with Texthelp.
  3. Provide the SpeechStream V3 config value provided to you by your contact at SpeechStream.

Note: If you are using a previous version of SpeechStream in Buzz, we recommend you upgrade as soon as possible. When you do:

  • Acquire the SpeechStream V3 config value from your contact.
  • Acquire and update the SpeechStream URL
  • Ask your SpeechStream contact to set the start point element ID in your speechstream config file to the value text-help-ct-31.
  1. Check the Enable SpeechStream in Publish Anywhere box to make the text-to-speech tool work anywhere your Publish Anywhere content is being delivered.
    • Note: Make sure you set up your account with Texthelp before checking this box. If you don't, users might see SpeechStream buttons that don't work.
  2. Save. This setting is applied to all courses and subdomains.

Note: SpeechStream requires users to enable browser cookies to function properly.

Once SpeechStream is enabled for a domain, teachers can enable it for specific assessments using the Assessment activity editor > Advanced assessment options.

Use the SpeechStream toolbar

With SpeechStream enabled, the Activities toolbar displays a Text to speech button for Assignments and Rich-text activity types and can be enabled for Assessments.

Pressing the button (which looks like an ear) hides and shows the SpeechStream toolbar that reads the assignment text aloud using the play button.

Depending on your configuration with Texthelp, your SpeechStream toolbar can offer additional tools (learn more).

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