How do I use the "What If" screen?

  • Updated:

The What If screen allows you to enter the scores you might receive (or hope to receive) for individual assignments, and see how those Projected scores impact your overall grade.

To access this screen, open the Grades tool from the Main Menu and select the What If tab:

  1. In the Projected Score fields, you can enter the scores you think you might receive.
  2. Click No Credit to enter zeros into the fields of all ungraded activities.
  3. Click Full Credit to enter 100% into the fields of all ungraded activities.
  4. Click Recalculate after editing the Projected Score fields to see how the changes would impact your final score. The score is displayed in the Projected score line in the top left under your Actual score.  
  5. Click Reset to return all fields to their current state.

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