How do I use assessment tools?

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Buzz gives you tools that you can use during assessments to help you sharpen your focus. Review them below. These tools must be enabled by your teacher, so ask your teacher about them if they don't appear.

Highlight text

Use the highlighter during an assessment to emphasize the most important information, so you can easily return and review.

  1. Click the Highlighter button. When it's enabled the button reads Highlighter: On, and your cursor looks like a highlighter.
  2. Click your left mouse button and drag your highligher over the desired text to highlight.
  1. To remove highlight from text, hover over the text. When the red x appears, click your left mouse button.

Eliminate multiple choice answers

When completing a multiple choice question, you can eliminate the answer options that you know are incorrect to more easily focus on the remaining options.

  1. Click the Answer eliminator button. When it's enabled, the button reads Answer eliminator: On, and a red X appears when you hover over an answer option.
  2. Click your left mouse button when you're hovering over the answer you want to eliminate, and the red X remains there.

Take notes about a question

Easily attach notes to a question:

  1. On questions that allow notes, a notes icon appears. Click that button.
  1. Enter the notes in the field that appears.
  2. Close the window when you're done to save the notes.

Adjust the divider in passage questions

Passage questions require you to base your answers on content provided in a passage. When the passage is next to the question, the two are divided by a vertical bar. You can adjust the width of that bar to make either side easier to work with by clicking the left and right buttons. Click the reset button in the middle to return the bar to its original placement.

Review questions

To review the questions in an assessment, click the Review button in the

In the review mode, you can see which questions have been answered, which haven't, and which have notes. You can also filter the questions you see according to any of these variables by clicking the radio buttons next to them.

To reenter your assessment, click on a question.


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