How do I record Accommodations and Individual Education Programs (IEPs) for existing students?

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Buzz lets you easily record Accommodations and other information that inform Individual Education Programs (IEPs) and compliance with 504, NCAA, ELL, etc. This content is visible in a read-only form to the users' teachers, but not available to students.

Formerly, this kind of content was managed through File Notes; all File Notes have been translated into Accommodations.

Admins create Accommodations

  1. Open the Users tool.
  2. Select the desired student.
  3. Scroll to the Accommodations section and:
    • Check the box if you want Buzz to Never automatically assign zeros to my past-due activities for this user.
    • Check the box if you want to Ignore time limit on assessments for this user.
    • If you want to Limit number of options on multiple-choice questions, select the desired number in the dropdown menu.  
    • Check the box if you want to always allow SpeechStream tools during assessments.
  4. Use the Individual Education Program (IEP) rich text editor to record specific notes about the user. Remember that admins can access and edit the notes, and the user's teacher can access a read-only version.
  5. Save.

In order for an Accommodations (flag) icon to appear for teachers, you must add either a note or attachment using the rich text editor. Checking the Ignore time limit on assessments or Limit number of options on multiple-choice questions boxes without a note or attachment won't display a flag for teachers.

Teachers can access Accommodations

Once Accommodations are created for a user (as either a note or attachment in the rich text editor), an Accommodations (flag) icon appears in various places of the Teacher app.

Teachers can access Accommodations
  • When a teacher selects that student to access their Student screen, View Accommodations appears on the Dashboard. Teachers can click it to access the read-only Accommodations.

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