Accessibility and Buzz

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Agilix is dedicated to making Buzz accessible and follows 508 and WCAG 2.0 standards in design and development. These efforts are documented in our VPAT and WCAG 2.0 AA statement.

Screen readers and Buzz

While many screen readers may work, Buzz is optimized for the NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) screen reader on Mozilla Firefox. Users install this third-party software and use it to read the Buzz application.

Buzz integrates with Texthelp's SpeechStream text-to-speech tool

The SpeechStream toolbar, from Texthelp, supports accessibility in a variety of ways, and Buzz makes it easy to integrate it.

How to use Buzz with your keyboard

Buzz's rich text editor keyboard shortcuts

Buzz supports the following rich text editor keyboard shortcuts.


  • ALT + F10: Focus the editor's toolbar
  • ESC: Return focus to the previous position
  • TAB/Arrows: Navigate left/right through the toolbar

Common actions

  • Ctrl + C or ⌘ Cmd + C: Copies selection from the editor to the clipboard
  • Ctrl + X or ⌘ Cmd + X: Cuts selection from the editor to the clipboard
  • Ctrl + V or ⌘ Cmd + V: Pastes from clipboard
  • Ctrl + Z or ⌘ Cmd + Z: Undo
  • Ctrl + Y or ⌘ Cmd + Y: Redo

Basic formatting

  • Ctrl + A or ⌘ Cmd + A: Selects all text in the editor
  • Ctrl + B or ⌘ Cmd + B: Bold
  • Ctrl + I or ⌘ Cmd + I: Italic
  • Ctrl + U or ⌘ Cmd + U: Underline
  • Ctrl + S or ⌘ Cmd + S: Strikethrough
  • Ctrl + ] or ⌘ Cmd + ]: Indents the current paragraph
  • Ctrl + [ or ⌘ Cmd + [: Outdents the current paragraph


  • Ctrl + + or ⌘ Cmd + +: Resizes larger the current selected image or video
  • Ctrl + - or ⌘ Cmd + -: Resizes smaller the current selected image or video


  • Ctrl + Alt + Space: Selects table cell where the cursor pointer is
  • Shift + Left / Right arrow: Extends table cell selection with one cell to the left or right
  • Shift + Up / Down arrow: Extends table cell selection with one cell up or down

Users can also access this guide in Buzz by tabbing into the rich text editor and selecting the View keyboard shortcuts button that appears.

QuickNav easy navigation

The QuickNav tool allows users to use the keyboard to quickly navigate to any screen in Buzz from wherever you are in the application, including activities!

  • Teachers and students can jump to enrollments and activities, or click on any of the screens listed to jump to them.
  • Admins can search by ID, domain name, course name, or user name and jump to the desired screen, or click on any of the screens listed and jump to them.

How do I use QuickNav easy navigation?


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